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Face-Off Drills [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Face-offs are a personal battle. Facing off is a specialist skill that requires a lot of discipline and training. The following...... Continue

Two Man Game - Flips - Kevin Cassese - Lehigh Univ. [VIDEO]

by Championship Productions on

Watch as Coach Kevin Cassese explains and players demonstrate the two man game flip series. ... Continue

Skills - Ground Balls to Over the Shoulder Drill - Andrew Fink - Mount Ida College [VIDEO]

by Championship Productions on

Watch as Coach Andrew Fink explains and players execute this ground balls to over the shoulder drill.... Continue

Extreme Shuttles Drills - Cindy Timchal - US Naval Academy [VIDEO]

by Championship Productions on

Watch as Assistant Coach Gabby Capuzzi explains and players demonstrate these extreme shuttle drills.... Continue

Lacrosse Retailer LAX World Shutters Stores and Leaves Cockeysville Headquarters [ARTICLE]

by The Baltimore Sun on

Lacrosse retailer LAX World has closed all 16 of its stores, including the original Towson location, and shut down its corporate headquarters...... Continue