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Paul Rabil's Powerful Rotational Strength Workout [ARTICLE]

by American Football Monthly on

To understand rotational power, watch Paul Rabil unleash a lacrosse shot. The seven-time Major League Lacrosse All-Star uncoils his body like a wound-up spring, whipping his stick to release a 100-mile-per-hour rocket toward goal. It's explosive...... Continue

Pick Drills [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Pick drills are the most basic offensive drills in the game. All offenses benefit from the skills learned in these drills. The Canadian-style...... Continue

9 Exercises Every Women's Lacrosse Player Should Be Doing This Season [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

Your biggest focus during the season, besides taking home some W's, should be maintaining muscle, preventing injury and recovering between games. But figuring out which exercises are most beneficial to squeeze in between practices...... Continue

Defensive Body Positioning [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Footwork and body positioning are the keys to good defense. Your body should be low, with your head up, back straight, knees bent, and weight on the balls of your feet. Feet should be shoulder-width apart and parallel.... Continue

Professional Women's Lacrosse Takes Off [ARTICLE]

by LAX All Stars on

Professional lacrosse has carved out a very interesting niche in the lacrosse and larger sporting worlds, and now we can welcome professional women’s lacrosse to the fold. When talking pro lacrosse, there is of course the MLL, which has...... Continue

Clearing Drills [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

The 32 in the title refers to the 3 defensemen and 2 midfielders down behind the goal. Two defensemen are out wide, and the goalie is down low. Two midfielders set...... Continue

Defensive Teaching Points [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

The following guidelines are from the "Defenseman's Bible," courtesy of The USILA Coaches Kit. 1. Keep body and feet moving. 2. Keep stick on stick side of offensive player. 3. Use your field sense to identify the areas that are most...... Continue

Lower-Body Strength Training for Lacrosse [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

A typical lacrosse training program for lower-body strength includes familiar exercises like Cleans, Squats and Deadlifts. These exercises,which train multiple muscles in symmetrical, functional patterns, form the foundation of many...... Continue

Two Men Down vs. 1-3-2 Drill [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Purpose: Concede a low-percentage shot. Setup: Create a tight box with four defensive players. When you are two men down, play the same technique as on a 6v6 zone or 6v5 man down. For example, you...... Continue

Defensive Man Down Drills [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

MAN DOWN USING DENY AND CUT-OFF TECHNIQUES DRILL. Purpose: Neutralize an opponent with a dominant player. Setup: The setup depends on the location of the dominant player. Your deny call is red plus the number of the player you want...... Continue